After learning the basics of python, it was difficult for me to solve significant algorithm problems in I had to do thorough research on the website that are beginner-friendly and can get algorithm challenges that will help me as a beginner improve in programming,

I came across a few of them and reviewed most of them, and with this, I was able to gather these 10 questions in their level of difficulty, and I believe as a beginner you should be able to solve this algorithm problem.

“Reading the best books will give you zero-knowledge unless you put the written word to practice.”

these algorithms include:


Write a program that returns a…

Building a job scraper was quite technical and involved a little amount of brain work, with a little knowledge of HTML, CSS, and python, and it took me about 3- 5 days to completely get the codes running well. I never knew I could build something like this until I took the first step and with the help of my code coach. The job scraper can get the following from the website and store it an excel sheet ;

1)job title
2)link that redirects you to apply for the job
6)location etc.

The first…

faith ojeabulu

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